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We‘re part of Acuris, which specializes in creating an information advantage for subscribers in markets ranging from Shareholder Activism to M&A.

Anticipate the next move

Activistmonitor gives you a blueprint of how activist campaigns may play out. Comprehensive behavioral data on an activist’s past campaigns across sectors uncovers insights into their next moves and their strategy. You can track potential targets as well as the activists themselves, getting a comprehensive view of the market.

Generate new business ideas

Equipped with forward-looking intelligence on activists and their targets, Activistmonitor subscribers have a valuable source for generating new ideas and finding mandates. It’s an ideal business development tool that combines in-depth analysis of key campaigns with comprehensive all-industry coverage. And wherever you are, Activistmonitor travels with you to track new filings, activists and targets.

Who we are

We’re proud to be an Acuris company. Acuris powers business growth for financial and professional services firms worldwide. Through events and subscription-based digital services, we provide unique, high-value content that helps our customers to make the best decisions based on the strongest evidence.

Our sector specialists and expert analysts interpret data and intelligence to extract new insights that create business opportunities for our customers. We’re trusted by many of the world’s principal advisory firms, investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, private equity firms and corporates, who rely on our brands to help them understand specialist markets and find ideas for business development.

Founded in 2000, we’re a growing family of information brands united by common characteristics: sector expertise, analytical skill, proprietary data and solutions that are packaged for maximum value. You’ll find our 1,000 staff, including 500 specialist journalists and analysts, in 67 locations around the world.